Oracle Card Readings

Similar to Tarot, Oracle Cards give insight into your life. What's different is that Oracle Cards often use much more benign imagery, and often involve angels.

In your card reading, you won’t be told how to win the lottery, of a lover who will appear out of the mists, or when you’ll die. Oracle card readings give insight into past, current, and future situations so as to better heal and obtain favourable outcomes. They can help you make important decisions by encouraging you to know how you really feel, and putting prospective options into focus.

A legal safety net many readers use is the term, “For entertainment purposes only.” I prefer to say, “Readings are fun, but they are practical tools for life improvement. Ultimately you are responsible for your own life, and a card reading is more of a spiritual advice session with channelled input from your Guides and Angels.” Life is in your hands, and I will show you how to leverage your situation to obtain the best possible reality, with help from your Angels.

Note: Card readings available over phone and Skype!


- 15 Minute: $15

- 30 Minutes: $30

- 45 Minutes: $45

- 60 Minutes: $60


Length Options

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