"Welcome to Red Hawk Healing! I'm Jess, a mom, healer, and card reader in Deroche, BC.

"I've been healing since I was a small child, and have enjoyed teaching for over a decade. Currently I offer card readings and spiritual counseling, in person or over the phone/Skype, and healings in person. It is my joy to bring insight and healing to those around me. I also try to post daily messages and helpful manifesting or healing advice on my Facebook page (see below)."

All services except card readings by phone/video are on hold

Welcome to Red Hawk Healing with Jess Smith! A number of services are offered, including energy healing, Reiki, classes, card readings, and workshops. Browse the navigation bar above, and feel free to sign the guestbook!

Energy Healing is a non-invasive complementary therapy that shifts the energy field, or Aura. (The Aura is the energetic blueprint for your mind, body, and emotions.) Energy Healing is an umbrella term that encompasses many healing modalities. Jess uses her gifts of healing utilized since childhood to adjust the energetic blueprint. She is also a Reiki Master/Teacher, and incorporates sound and crystals in her healings.

“Energy healing has been used successfully for millenia in the treatment of depression, insomnia, injuries, pain, and even chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and auto-immune disorders. I believe in holistic healing, which means healing the whole being, not just fixing symptoms. I feel that the energy medicine component is a sorely missed aspect of healing that has been taken out of Western Medicine. To achieve whole healing, all healing arts must be honoured.”

Jess also utilizes Oracle cards for psychic readings, now also available by online means. Cards are drawn to help bring confusing life events into focus and to show potential outcomes. Nothing in the cards is ever final: Your destiny is in your own hands, and Jess will show you how to bring about the most favourable outcome. Card readings also bring insight into all aspects of your life, including romance, business ventures, family matters, personal healing, life purpose, and spirituality.

As a spiritual counsellor, Jess will help you through difficult life choices, awakening your psychic gifts, and discovering your hidden potential.

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Blessings, health, and happiness to you!


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