As an Indigo Child, Jess Smith has been healing energetically since early childhood. Born in BC, as young as a few years old she would treat anything from bruises, headaches, and even more serious conditions such as epicondylitis or "Tennis Elbow." She is now a Reiki Master/Teacher, working from her home in Deroche, BC, and has been involved in treating a wide range of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual conditions. Of these include: traumatic amputations and other injuries, post surgery healing and pain, back problems and injuries, digestive disturbances, cancer, headaches and migraines, eye disorders, emotional trauma, etc.


She first discovered her ability to heal the human (and animal) body when she was not yet in elementary school. She developed a relationship with the wild animals around her, and she learned early how to read the messages in Nature, often from the animals themselves. She now teaches Power Animal workshops and how to read the signs of Nature. Her first clients were animals that were sick or injured, and from them she learned the basics of healing, and happily taught these to friends who asked.


When she was introduced to Reiki some years later, it was irresistible. This is a healing system that anyone can benefit from, learn, practice, and enjoy. She gained her Master/Teacher degree of Reiki, allowing her to teach, in 2005, and now teaches all levels along with other healing practices. Jess continues her study of the human energy field and healing practices to better help her patients and clients.


Jess has also practiced herbal medicine for over two decades, though will not treat patients professionally for legal reasons. However, she does offer a variety of herbal teas and "personalized" tea blends "for culinary or spiritual use." None of these are made of psychoactive or hallucinogenic substances and contain only herbs that one can find on common store shelves.


Jess is also qualified to perform Guided Meditations, Shamanic healing, Oracle Card readings, and classes.


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