What exactly do you DO during a healing?

Because the energy field is the blueprint for the physical body as well as the emotions and mind, I work from here to facilitate healing. I eliminate blockages that halt free flow of energy as well as mend tears, malformations, and clear stagnation. We may talk through emotional wounds as well.


What can I expect during a healing session?

When you arrive for your first healing, we will take some time to go through your history, complaints, and your healing goals. Before each subsequent healing, we will go through you progress and further issues you would like to work on. You will then be asked to lie on the healing table fully clothed and have the option of lying above blankets or underneath. Soft and relaxing music will be playing and every effort will be made to be sure you are comfortable and calm. At that point we will begin the healing session. My hands may be lightly pressed on your body (please make note if there are certain places, i.e. your feet, that are uncomfortable to touch) or above your body, depending on which level of the energy field I am working on. I usually move from head to feet while you are on your back, and may ask you to turn over and again move head to feet. When the healing is complete we will go through what was done, suggestions for further and self healing, and time is given for you to ground.

Many report a sense of calm, peace, happiness, warmth, vibration, tingliness, etc. People often feel sensations of pressure, heat or cold, as well as strong emotions as certain levels of the field are worked on. If working on a physical issue that is very painful, the healing itself may evoke some pain as the body is mended in the energy field.

How often do I need an energy healing?

This is entirely up to you! I am a believer that you will know when the time is right. If that means I see you weekly, wonderful! If I don't see you for another five years, that is also beautiful. Everything occurs in perfect timing.


Is this safe for children?

Absolutely, although children and animals usually take only a fraction of the time that adults do for a healing session.


Can I bring my children along?

If you can relax and “let go” while your child is in the room without worrying about what they are up to, then bringing your child to learn about healing can be very rewarding. However, there will be no one available to supervise your child, and this is only advised if your child has an earnest desire to learn about the healing that their parent is getting. Also, many caregivers do not feel free to "let go" when their child is near. I do have a variety of books and toys for younger children, and older children may read through my healing books or play with the crystals.


Can I bring my animal for a healing?

At this time I do not do animal healings and am still looking for a qualified animal healer to refer my patients to. This is due to our own animals who become stressed at the introduction of new creatures.


Can I keep taking my medication?

Yes, and you are asked to check with your doctor regularly about dosages, especially concerning insulin and thyroid medication, as the dosages required may decrease as the healings progress.


I have a terminal illness and don’t have expectations to live. What can you do for me?

As an experienced Hospice volunteer, I do not fight the natural process of death and dying if that is not your goal. Healing sessions can bring about great emotional healing, and is often incredible for pain-management. Healing sessions often bring great peace of mind, especially as fears are released and spiritual healing is attained. Reiki and other energy medicines are used at the Christine Morrison Hospice with great results. Mission Hospice is a fantastic resource as well.


Do you have any videos?

Yes! Search my YouTube page www.youtube.com/RedHawkHealing for a full list of my videos. I try to post as often as I can.


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