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Energy Healing

Energy Healing is an ancient art and comes in many forms. Specifically, the aura (the blueprint for the body, mind, and emotions) is worked on and balanced in order to bring about a healed state. This aura, or energy field, is very complex and is always changing. You may have heard of Chakras, energy vortices within the aura (see right photo), but the energy field also contains meridians (utilized in acupressure/reflexology), as well as many "layers" that hold the mental, emotional, and spiritual blueprints of your being. By working on the energy field, you can greatly affect physical/emotional/mental/spiritual well-being.

Reiki is a Japanese "Hands-On" healing technique that is being used successfully in the treatment of various illnesses and conditions, including but not limited to: depression, insomnia, cancer, aches, pains, and injuries.

Jess Smith, a Reiki Master/Teacher in Deroche, British Columbia, is a dedicated teacher and practitioner of Reiki and other healing arts, including Energy Healing, Crystal and Sound Therapy, Shamanic Healing, and Card Readings. She has been a healer all her life, but has fervently studied the art of healing since the age of nine. She was also a part-time volunteer for the Mission Hospice Society at Christine Morrison Hospice, which has a list of other Reiki Practitioners within the hospital floor.

Before booking your healing, please advise if you have any allergies, physical limitations (such as climbing stairs), or fear of animals (we have two cats). The appointment will include tea and a short discussion on your medical condition and action plan, so be sure to give yourself a bit of extra time.


- 45 Minutes: $45

- 60 Minutes: $60

- 90 Minutes: $90


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