- Thank you for the beautiful healings. I felt very relaxed and at peace. I look forward to my next sessions. - Marly


- At first I didn't know what to expect, but Jess was very kind and helped me through my many questions. I am finally on the road to recovery after a serious injury! Jess is a pleasure to be with and I'm glad to have her as my healer. - Christina


- I love that Jess is authentic. She doesn't tell you what you want to hear, and she doesn't play herself up. The reading was very powerful and I'm still looking back on her words. Thank you Jess - Rachel


- Jess taught me Reiki I and II. The experience was magnificent and I believe the Reiki symbols have helped me immensely in my practice of bringing harmony to myself and all of creation. Jess is a very encouraging and nurturing lady, I really appreciate her! - Lynn


- I feel so good after my healings with Jessica and she has helped me through some very tough times. I feel like a stronger, more capable person, and I feel a greater capacity for love and happiness in my life. My relationships have become stronger, my husband and I are closer, and I no longer feel like the world is something that has been done to me. I feel very in control and at peace. Thank you, Jessica! - Anon


- Red Hawk Healing is insightful, loving, and remarkably intuitive. A must for me, every day. Thank you. - Chris


- After just a few treatments with Jess, I was sleeping peacefully through the night again. She has given me valuable tips to keep my insomnia at bay, as well as safe and effective alternatives to the sleeping pills I had come to rely on. I feel at ease, relaxed, and better able to cope with my life. Thanks Jess - Anon



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